Aviation Data Sources

Where to track dowm that hard to find information!

Tracking down information.

There are times as a spotter when on the day the information isn’t readily to hand, if your like me you’ll end up with lots of bits of paper and notebooks. And quite a few missing registrations or serials, these I keep for the winter and when I have some spare time I try and track them down.

Over the years I have found more and more sources, these can be airport spotters groups in Yahoo groups. Or they can be some of the excellent research resources that are available online, these can provide a wealth of information sometimes going back decades.

I will add a number of these sources to this page, hopefully you will find them helpful. There is one caveat, the information while good is posted by people with an interest – it is as well to try and corroborate from more than one source.

Joe Baugher Pages.

Joe is an authority on all things US Military Aviation, from the 1920’s up to the current day. His archive and aviation articles are well respected, the data on his site is of high quality. All in all a fantastic resource, willing to share his information and is contactable through his web pages – giving credit where it is due.

Yahoo Groups.

Going through the Yahoo Groups will throw up a wealth of groups dedicated to various airports, aircraft, airlines and other aviation related data sources. These can be a good source of information, however it may be that you have to request access to the group as some of them are restricted membership.


This site is a huge collection of data gathered by enthusiasts from all over the world, they produce an excellent magazine available for download – there is a free issue available to download. There is just too much available through the site to detail here, better if you just go to Scramble and have a look for yourself.

UK Serials

These pages have been compiled by the Wolverhampton Aviation Group, the pages are still a work in progress as so many of these sites are. There is some great information here and it is being updated all the time, again a site that is worth a visit if you are looking for anything related to UK Military.


This is an extensive free to use online database, covering a little over 500,000 airframes and about 650,000 registrations and serial numbers. The site is deceptively simple and is certainly worth visiting should you be searching for information, this is one site that I use now and again – certainly for corroboration of facts.


This site has a smaller dataset than most, but it does have some redeeming features. The ability to upload your own photographs and to check the spotting weather are two plus points to me, the site again is worth a visit if you are looking for information relating to an aircraft. Or if you would like an online photo album, without fear of it being rejected on quality grounds.


This site is a huge collection of data and the database is free to download, providing all kinds of useful information and weel worth a visit – particularly if you are looking for the last sighting of a mode-s equipped aircraft. The site is a little cluttered – purely due to the number of things that you can search for and read about.


This is an excellent resource for the spotter, providing downloadable lists of many types of aircraft and running to around 125,000 frames. Each frame has a fairly complete and detailed scrape history, the data is of good quality and is updated regularly. The downloads can be opened in a number of applications and can be updated by the user.